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Olasagasti at Alimentaria 2022

Olasagasti at Alimentaria 2022 slide

Olasagasti at Alimentaria 2022. From Barcelona to the end of the world.

Olasagasti is finally back at Alimentaria 2022. This edition is very special for us, because it is the first one after the pandemic started in 2020 (its last edition was in 2018!), and we are already looking forward to getting in deep in this international fair, so important for the Food and Beverage Market.

We hope to say hello again in person to many friends we have in Barcelona as well as many others who will come to this great fair.

Olasagasti Team.

Handmade and Sustainable Tinned Food at Alimentaria.

We will welcome you with our arms wide open, whether you are a retailer, a restaurateur, a distributor, a catering worker, or just a small customer -you never are «small» 😉 of our brand. And, of course, you will be very welcome if you come and meet us first-hand to discover our Cantabrian canned food!

We have been working in the Horeca channel for more than 30 years, supplying the most demanding households and offering delicious experiences to increasingly varied customers, scattered around the world.

Olasagasti white tuna at Dentici premises in Basque Country
Olasagasti – La Marquinesa white tuna opened tins, produced mainly for the catering trade and markets.

We work through thick and thin, faithful to our philosophy of transparency, quality and honesty, in a sustainable production, which is also healthy and preserves the environment and traditional local jobs. We are now replacing plastic in the production centers and Logistics Operations, looking for biodegradable and environmentally friendly ways with the porpoise to keep safe our planet.

mujeres limpiando la anchoa en Conservas Olasagasti-women cleaning anchovies
Women cleaning and preparing Anchovies at the Olasagasti premises.

And, as we have done always in the past, we work with the best fish caught in a traditional and respectful way; Processed by expert hands of our workmates, with local ingredients and occupations, reaching anywhere in the world.

Latest Olasagasti delicacies.

If you have a shop, discover the latest in the traditional and organic range.

  • Wild Red Alaskan Salmon, in brine.
  • New cardboard box with the 6 «Open & Relish» family recipes.
  • The «Kofradia» wooden box with Bonito del Norte fillets, the perfect gift.
  • The pack with 4 units of each of the 3 Italian sauces that we prepare in Liguria with 100% Mediterranean ingredients. Pay attention:  we have blood from both seas 😉
salsas italianas Olasagasti italian sauces
Three Italian sauces: Black olives paste, pesto and dried tomatoes sauce.

The best fish caught in a traditional and respectful way, made by expert hands of our workmates, with local ingredients and occupations. And reaching anywhere in the world.

Olasagasti Sales Department.
Olasagasti wild salmon in salad.
Olasagasti Alaskan wild salmon.

Between two seas.

And as we have both bloods -Mediterranean and Cantabrian-, we feel completely at home in our beloved Barcelona, where our products have been loved since the Olasagasti brand opened in the early 90s. We have had friends there for decades (as in many Spanish cities -and now other countries-) with the old La Marquinesa brand, which was at the time a renowned brand, and it is still, (together with her sister Olasagasti) a respected brand that we produce mainly for the catering trade and food markets.

We want to say hello again to many friends we have there and to many others who will be coming from different cities and countries «eager to attend» this great fair.

And of course, you are all invited to visit our delicacies at our stand and try and taste them at the TXOKO where our chef and team from the Basque Country will be preparing amazing recipes based on Olasagasti products on Monday and Tuesday in the midday.

See you all there.

Olasagasti Family

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