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NEW! Olasagasti Wild Alaskan Salmon

Olasagasti Wild Alaskan salmon

We are proud and delighted to present our latest addition to the Olasagasti family: Olasagasti Wild Alaskan Salmon in brine, presented in a pack of  12, 120 gr tins.

It is a natural, sustainable, exclusive and super special product and, for now, in a LIMITED EDITION.

We have tasted the Olasagasti salmon on its own, on toast, with vegetables, with mayonnaise, with black and green peppers, with extra virgin olive oil, in salad, in a sandwich… And we don´t know how to decide in which recipe like the most. We are in love with this tin.

Typical Spanish ensaladilla with Olasagasti wild salmon. Amazing!

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon.

Alaska is one of the last strongholds of wild salmon and in its unpolluted waters, in an overwhelming natural environment, inhabit the largest and healthiest populations of wild salmon in the world.

All the species that are born in the crystal clear rivers of Alaska live for a while in freshwater and then move to salty waters to grow and mature, finally ending their life by returning to the river to spawn and finish their life cycle.

Sockeye Salmon is famous for its intense color, tight meat, and exceptional flavour. This species is usually used to make the best smoked salmon and there is an increasing demand to consume it fresh.

It is a medium size fish -usually weighs less than 3 kg and measures between 50 cm and 1 meter-; Its shape is finer than other species.

And, finally and most importantly, -something that we take into account!-: It is captured in a sustainable and traditional way, which is why it is granted with the prestigious Alaska Seafood Seal.

This is our new bet to supply your pantry with quality products made under our hallmark of trust and responsibility with the marine environmet and traditional ways of fishing for a demanding consumer, committed to the planet.

Olasagasti wild Alaskan salmon in brine for a healthy diet.

Our new bet: Olasagasti Wild Alaskan Salmon.

This product is designed for both, Gourmet and Organic stores.

We have chosen to present it in brine in order to preserve its intense and characteristic aroma and also so that you can season it to your liking. In other words, we have only added water and organic spring salt. Simple, transparent, and healthy.

We have tasted it on its own, on toast, with vegetables, with mayonnaise, with black and green peppers, with extra virgin olive oil, in a salad, in a sandwich… And we would not know how to decide which recipe we like the most. The truth is that it has conquered us.

For instance, we had it yesterday at dinner with pasta and this morning we have prepared a salmon&avocado toast for breakfast. Yummy!

In conclusion, it is a select and delicate product; Therefore these tins are very suitable also for the upcoming Christmas celebrations.

Olasagasti family.

Olasagasti Wild Alaskan salmon tins
Tins that help to make life easier and healthier.

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