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Bye-bye Mr.Plastic

barco pesquero en la costa vasca, por Olasagasti.

We have been saying «Bye-bye Mr.Plastic» for years. And now we come here with good news again.

We need you to know such important decision for you (as a responsible customer) and for us (as a committed brand): We are eliminating all the ordinary plastic in our factory. 

It is a huge challenge, not very easy to be done. However, it’s essential to keep our planet safe and sustainable. We have been reducing the use of plastic in the last few years, and currently, we are very close to replacing it completely.

It is right to say that we have never used plastic in our products, which elements are just fish, in a can or jar, and other natural ingredients free of plastics and derivatives. And we do not use any other preservatives and harmful materials to our health or any other factors which pollute our planet. 

Estamos eliminando el plástico en Olasagasti casi en su totalidad.
Landscape through an abandoned plastic bottle.

Bye bye, Mr Plastic: Eliminating ordinary plastic in the storehouse and shipping processes.

It was so difficult to find a resistant material to film shrinking, it was an unfinished business, but finally, since 2021 we have replaced all these common plastic with LDPE.

After several months of using LDPE, we are very surprised about its resistance and practicality. And currently, I can tell you we are very happy with its results. The truth must be said, it is not as light as plastic is. But is there any problem with it?

In this way, all the deliveries by pallets or big boxes to our distributors or Gourmets Shops or those packs of units (12/24) to our customers who buy on our web, will not be protected with ordinary plastic -which made easier the logistic and stock movements in the warehouse- but with this new ecological and biodegradable material. 

Undoubtedly, plastic (like many other harmful materials for the environment) has been in our lives and work since a long time ago, and abandoning its traditional use means a really high cost to everybody. We have decided to move to this measure, one steep more, with the purpose to get a favorable ecosystem for all of us.

Retractilado de latas Olasgasti en su fábrica conservera.
New retractable LDPE laminate.

Retractable LDPE laminate.

Retractable LDPE laminate has been made by a new technology composition infinitely more biodegradable, activated by the synergistic action of all triggering agents, such as air, light, heat, humidity and micro-organisms. It transforms by a chemically way the polymer chains into biodegradable oligomers, so, every bacterium and fungus on the earth can take and turn them into CO2, water and biomass in a short period of time in a natural way. 

After several months of using this material, we are very surprised about his resistance and practicality, and I can tell you we are entirely happy with the outcome. It is right to say, its appearance is not exactly like the ordinary plastic one; It is a little darker, but believe me, it is not older or dirty: The same thing happens with the recycled paper we have used every day for decades, which are not completely white.

Palet con packs de atún claro Olasagasti retractilados.
Tinned tuna packed with retractable LDPE laminate at Olasagasti storehouse.

New materials have come into our lives to live with us. They are so much expensive for the companies, but later, they suppose eco-friendly revenue for the Community. Let’s get used to their new characteristics, composition, and the new way of recycling. Today, an ecologic education is vital: if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

In this way, we are erasing most of the ordinary plastic we use every day. And we do the same with those materials that are not so bad or difficult to eliminate, but they are also damaging.

New materials have come into our life to stay with us forever. They are much more expensive for the companies, but they become organic revenue for the Community.” Matteo Orlando, Olasagasti´s CEO

Sometimes less is more.

Most of the shops charge any kind of packaging (paper or corn-starch bags) to raise awareness people about the excessive consumption of dispensable bags, boxes and packages.

That is the reason we bet for simple things such as just packaging which can protect with security but does not entail superfluous expense for both brand and customer. 

I know we have space for improvement, and we are evolving with kindly choices which look up safe and healthy for the planet and consumer. Also, we still keep an eye on your suggestions and added contributions.

We all can make a better world, kind and conscious.

Gaviota con el cuello enredado en plástico abandonado en el mar.

Committed with a responsible fabrication 

Because you are an aware consumer and you trust us: Go away ordinary plastic! the more possible be able to be, despite the cost. Say hello to those materials with ecological benefits.

Olasagasti Family #OlasagastiTeam.

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