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Welcome to the white tuna season


The white tuna season from the Basque Country.

The moment has come to say goodbye to our Cantabrian Anchovies. This year the anchovy season is being longer and by now you are undoubtedly an expert after reading the three chapters from last spring.

The fruit and vegetable season is also following the same pattern, due to a slight change in our climate. Therefore, we can still enjoy the very last fresh peas and asparagus from some vegetable gardens together with the very first «real» tomatoes.

In the Cantabrian area the calendar hasn´t coincided with the corresponding weather but this fact has taken place in all the Mediterranean countries; Rainy spring! And these days several European countries are seing a heatwave.

Anyway, in this blog we like advising to consume products grown according to each season and these days we can also get peppers, cucumbers, beetroots, courgettes, carrots and so on. Tasty salads with some of these ingredients plus our white tuna (bonito del norte), anchovies, tuna and mackerel are a must.

Some friends are sharing their ideas with us on Twitter and we are thrilled and thankful. We love your recipes enhanced with our Olasagasti products, Congratulations!

anchovy recipes beginning the white tuna season

Some anchovy recipes

As for fruit we are starting to see the first figs, plums, cherries, peaches, saturn peaches (my favourite…) and I am longing to see those huge apricots as I want to make my wonderful tarts. Would you like the recipe?

season products

At last we can enjoy the first days on The beach, eating some chunks of melon and water melon from your tupperware.

Back to the sea, we are welcoming the bonito del norte season. The sailing boats are being prepared for this totally different style of fishing to catch the appreciated White tuna int the Cantabrian Sea. New stories, different dishes… Good luck!

Marta Olass

Ships for the white tuna season in a Basque Country harbour

Basque ships for the white tuna season


  • Reply Vicky 20/07/2013 at 8:52 am

    Those are the softest and most delicious anchovies I’ve ever tried! Open a can and you’ll have to eat them all 🙂

  • Reply MOlaSS 28/07/2013 at 8:17 pm

    Thanks, Vicky. Proud of having friendly customers like you!

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