Recetas con Anchoa, Waves (English)

Olasagasti Summer Rolls


Today here I am with a new fresh and easy option. You will be able to prepare this a short while before the diners sit at the table. Your children can even help you!!  They will love the elaboration. Besides it is an attractive way to boost the intake of healthy food: vegetables together with blue fish, no fork and no spoon. Our summer rolls.

Vitamins, minerals, omega 3 and good protein in one bite.

Olasagasti summer rolls with anchovy filets and vegetables

Fresh summer rolls: vegetables and quality anchovy fillet. A great choice for all the family




–          Rice wafers

–          1 medium courgette

–          2 big carrots

–          1 bunch of lentil shoots

–          1 tin (45 g) of Olasagasti anchovy filets.


Cut the vegetables into short sticks. You can leave them raw or boil them for two minutes, they should be “al dente”. In case you leave them raw, you can add celery or cucumber, for example. It´s up to you!

Both options are perfect because the vegetables -and the canned fish- keep all their qualities and flavour, of course.

We put a small amount of vegetables onto one wafer; add some shoots and one anchovy filet. Then we make a roll and serve cold with soya sauce.

The video below will help you answer any doubt.

Rollitos frescos de Anchoa y Verduras – Olasagasti Summer Anchovy & vegetable rolls from OLASAGASTI on Vimeo.


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