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Olasagasti ready-cooked traditional dishes.


After testing containers from different brands I felt dissatisfied with the contents. We worked hard to combine quality, practicability, health and good price. Our Olasagasti “open and eat” specialties were born to attract demanding shoppers who are constantly looking for quality ready-cooked meals.



These ready-cooked traditional dishes are aimed at the worker who does not eat at home and takes his lunch box to the office; at the trekker who is sick and tired of sandwiches; at anyone who has to improvise a warm meal when coming back home late; or at those who live on their own, who do not know how to cook, or can´t afford to buy specialities from delicatessen shops on a daily basis; or at a parent who stays at home for lunch when the family is out and only wants to prepare a complete meal for supper.


In any of these cases what I demand is good quality, healthy and natural products which can be enjoyed there and then without making a mess in the kitchen.  Home-made recipes for just a few calories.

The Mediterranean diet is a must for these traditional dishes (vegetables, pulse, blue fish, olive oil, wine, herbs). Each individual format provides the suitable amount of energy and nutrients, and helps the consumer to control his diet.

So far, we have launched four traditional recipes:


Tuna fish fillet a la Toscana with white beans:

It is the most surprising one and typical from Toscana and other regions in Spain.

Following the recommendations of nutritionists who believe we should eat pulse 3 to 4 times a week, this dish provides beans and helps to have a balanced intake, avoiding an excessive consumption of animal proteins.



Tuna fish fillet a la Siciliana with dried tomato sauce:

In this dish the tomato sauce, which covers generously the tuna filet, is our protagonist. This sauce is prepared following a traditional Italian recipe and provides a high amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids.



Tuna fish fillet with sauteed onion:

Typically basque dish, the combination of tuna with onion is a delicacy. It enhances the taste of the fish.



Anchovies a la Basque, fried with garlic and chilli:

This recipe is based on a recipe from the Cantabrian coast. Its main ingredient is the appreciated Cantabrian Anchovy, cooked with olive oil, one clove of garlic and chilly.

When preparing it this way the dish keeps its characteristic taste of freshly cooked anchovies. The high  omega-3 content found in one portion covers our daily needs. The EPA and DHA help our heart, our brain and eyesight to be in optimum conditions.


Unlike other preparations, our precooked dishes don´t contain any extra ingredients which would add calories unnecessarily. Our portions are individual and provide an average of 300 kcal and a low amount of saturated fat. Therefore, our Olasagasti Traditional Dishes are the healthiest option in the market. They help maintain a good level of cholesterol in our blood.

These recipes are extremely healthy and balanced: the vegetables and pulse provide fibre, vitamins and minerals; The fish covers our daily needs in protein which is bio since they contain all the essential amino acids plus vitamin D.

On the other hand, the combination of blue fish and olive oil supply an excellent lipid profile, which is low in saturated fatty acids and very high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated and, specially, in Omega-3 (EPA+DHA) in the case of anchovies.

These prepared dishes are sold in individual portions. The easy-open containers can be stored at room temperature. They are appropriate for consumption for 4/5 years depending on the product.

These products can be consumed directly out of the container without heating or they can be heated in a pan or microwave container.

I couldn´t tell you which my favourite is. It depends on the mood. I must say I use the Anchovies alla Basque more often as a main ingredient for various delicious combinations as this one.



A Tuna a la Siciliana tin goes very well with pasta or rice:



Several chefs use this idea too, as Lorentzero or Robinfood (the famous basque cook on tv), following one of our recipies:

Pasta Marta recipe from OLASAGASTI on Vimeo.

Take care of your health and eat healthy food.

Marta Olass

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