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Olasagasti canned fish: slow food & slow life

pitufo cocinero con Conservas Olasagasti, bonito del norte, filetes de anchoa ecológica y crema del Cantábrico

conservas-olasagasti-slow-food-productsAfter taking part in the Turin Salone del Gusto (Italy), where Slow Food movement originated, the Olasagasti family is particularly pleased with this experience one more year.

This year´s fair, whose topic was Madre Terra, made us think about food education, the relationship between food and the environment and the respect we feel towards land and tradition.

We are glad to see how important the handover of experience from generation to generation is for the Salone del Gusto: The traditional processing and the best tools to connect with land and sea aiming to obtain quality goods without damaging the environment or the vital cycles.

This handover from father to son has experienced improvements and innovations throughout the years, always keeping up with excellent quality even in times of crisis.

All these debated topics seemed to be mentioning Conservas Olasagasti, since we protect the sea environment when we fish (one by one), we care for the fish when processing it and we respect the customer offering the best quality. When opening a tin or a jar of Olasagasti White Tuna (Bonito del Norte) or Olasagasti Anchovy fillets, you can appreciate all these values.


Orlando employees working at the Ondarroa premises in the harbour, in the early 1920s

Family as a core has been focused at the fair, and this is the policy we follow at the Dentici-Olasagasti Company:

Nonno Salvatore was sent to Getaria in the 20s from his native Sicily by his father where the family made a living fishing and processing canned anchovies.

Once in the Basque Country, Salvatore started setting up brine factories on the Northwest coast of Spain. This traditional and millenary method was not known to the Cantabrian and Basque locals in those days. Nowadays this is one of our hallmarks.

Salvatore got married to a Basque young and strong lady, Simona Olasagasti. They had 6 children, lived and worked in Getaria for more than 10 years and went on to settle definitely in San Sebastián in the 40s. Salvatore set up other factories on the Basque coast (Ondarroa, Bermeo, Fuenterrabía, Laredo…) and diversified the industrial activity to eventually become the most relevant producer and exporter of anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea.

Ignazio Orlando, one of his 6 sons settled in Genova in the 50s. He set up one firm to import the goods produced in Spain.

The family has always been linked to the world of canned food and to its expansion in Italy where our high quality products are becoming more and more appreciated as well.


Part of the Olasagasti family (Ignacio Orlando, his wife, daughter and grand-son) at the Salone del Gusto Stand (Turin 2014)

Today, Ignazio´s son, Matteo Orlando, is the manager of the Markina (Basque Country) factory (Conservas Dentici, SL – Olasagasti) and, together with his sisters (in Genova), they are the 4th generation heading this business. The story of the family highlights the handover of experience and knowledge gained in both countries.

Salvatore died in San Sebastián in 1995, after the Olasagasti brand was born in Markina (Basque Country), under the surname of his beloved wife.

Some or our strong points are the constant investment towards innovation, as well as the certificates of origin, quality and processing, the highly selective and sustainable fishing methods and our passion to achieve quality canned products. Our struggle for a healthy diet and for being environmentally friendly confirms it all.

It is so true that a product which is processed with love and respect is healthier and better. The same happens with children: when they are looked after with a lot of care and love they grow up healthier and happier. By means of our traditional and artisan processing we aim to achieve the best White Tuna, Cantabrian Anchovy, Mackerel and other delicacies.


Marta and Valentina. Two generations that are committed towards the environment and a sustainable diet.

Olasagasti Family



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