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Mushrooms at la Rioja


Last summer I went to Logroño to a symposium. Leaving the Basque Country (kingdom of all pintxos), this is another typical city for tapas where gastronomy is booming.

Logroño is the capital city of La Rioja, the world famous wine area in Spain. Needless to say that the beginning of autumn is the best period to visit La Rioja: it is time for grape harvesting.  The view is exceptional, the light is overwhelming and the colours are powerful. And besides, the hospitable people offer a cosy atmosphere.


Wonderful Rioja. Photo by

La Rioja is also known for its vegetable products which provide the local restaurants with a wide choice for their menus. Their fruit, honey, cheese, olive oil… are excellent there, as well as the traditional mushrooms.

I was invited in June for the third edition of Conversaciones Heladas (Frozen Conversations) promoted by Fernando Saénz and Angelines González, a couple of artisans who are revolutionizing the world of ice-cream right from their workshop in Viana and also from their ice-cream shop located in Logroño.

The meeting consisted of a tasty weekend for journalists, winery experts and restaurateurs. Among the many interesting participants, I shall mention Juan Echanove, the moderator, (a Spanish actor in love with home grown products and finder of good places to enjoy a meal), Edorta Lamo (the brilliant chef and owner of A Fuego Negro, in San Sebastian) one of the speakers, and Sandra Blasco (much more than a food&chefs critic), a guest reporter.

It goes without saying that the debate revolved around food and wine. The dessert was a tasting of ice-creams at DellaSera, a place you can´t miss if you happen to visit Logroño. Out of this world!

I could happily meet some friends before leaving Logroño. Nere Ariztoy, an experienced lady who organizes your “eating, traveling and sampling food tour in La Rioja”, took us to the most memorable bars in Logroño.

In the last bar, Bar Soriano, we asked for the famous mushrooms. Some months later, Lorentzero and I cooked these Olasagasti Mushrooms to remember that break in June in a region we love so much.

Just prepared mushrooms with Olasagasti white tuna

Olasagasti Mushrooms, «adapted recipe» from Casa Soriana.

Olasagasti Stuffed Mushrooms

Ingredients (3 servings):

6 big mushrooms

Olasagasti white tuna (a 190g jar)

Olive oil, parsley, salt and garlic


Cut out the stems and clean the mushrooms. We only use the “hats”. Grill them on both sides with a drop of olive oil and a pinch of salt. Meanwhile, mix the chopped garlic and parsley with the tuna in small pieces. When the mushrooms are ready, stuff them with this mixture.

Tipycal Mushrooms at la rioja

Preparing mushrooms at la rioja

salt and mushrooms at la rioja

stuffing mushrooms with Olasagasti white tuna, olive oil, ail and persil. Mushrooms at la rioja

stuffing mushrooms with Olasagasti white tuna, olive oil, ail and persil. Mushrooms at la rioja

If you wish, you could use the grilled stems which you chop and add to the mixture. Finally, you can add a tasty touch of Olasagasti Dried Tomato Sauce at the moment of serving.

Lorentzero preparing Mushrooms at la Rioja with Olasagasti bonito del norte

The chef Lorentzero preparing tasty&healthy Olasagasti recipes.


And remember… life is not too short to stuff a mushroom!

Marta Olass



Angelines González and Fernándo Saénz, from Grate workshop. Photo by Xosé Castro Roig.

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