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Macaroni with cooked tomatoes and tuna in brine


Today´s hearty dish will do the trick for the family´s lunch.

Pasta is always a must at home since everyone loves it. If we add the essential vegetables and excellent quality bluefish, the result is the healthiest menu for all ages.


Healthy and delicious sea-recipe

Pasta with cooked tomatoes and Olasagasti canned tuna in brine recipe.

Ingredients for four:

400 gr. Macaroni

4 peeled and seeded tomatoes

10-12 cherry tomatoes

1 270 g tin of Olasagasti White tuna in pickling brine (in escabeche)

1 tbs Olasagasti dried tomato sauce

Fresh basil

Grated cheese


Dried Tomato cream


Boil the macaroni according to packet instructions. Mix the boiled macaroni with the dried tomato sauce and leave aside.

Put the two types of tomatoes in one pan and ½ tuna in brine tin. Let it to simmer for the flavour to impregnate. When the big tomatoes are cooked, mash them with a fork and leave whole cherry tomatoes.

Serve the pasta together with the sauce and top with the rest of the tuna. Finally add the grated cheese and basil to taste.


Olasagasti White Tuna in brine (in escabeche)


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