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Anchovies Omelette


It seems to be a typical recipe for May and June, when the best anchovy in the world passes off our shores. (Read the Cantabrian Anchovy process in English). But, in fact, Anchovies Omelette is a recipe for any time of the year! Besides it is ever so easy and quick to prepare, just as all the other recipes I am sending via the web.

Incredibly delicious Anchovies Omelette

Delicious Anchovies Omelette

As you can imagine I am a great fan of the new Olasagasti “Anchovies a la Basque”, open and eat.
If you are in a hurry just prepare yourself an anchovy sandwich in less than a minute. But when we happened to prepare this omelette… it was out of this world!
Don´t you believe me? Have a look at my video; It will make your mouth water… I told you!

Ingredients for 4 people:
4 eggs
1 tomato
1 Olasagasti Anchovies a la Basque

Do you dare to do it?

Marta Olass


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