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5 tasty ideas with Basque Tuna&Anchovies


Here we go with 5 easy and healty ideas to prepare fast Spanish dishes and Basque tapas. Having some high quality canned fish in store is always a good idea!


1) Grilled vegetables with Olasagasti White tuna.

Hands-on time: 5 min. Cooking time: 1 hour. Serves: 2/3

1/4 of broccoli
1 big aubergine
1 big red pepper
1 white onion
1 tin of Olasagasti White Tuna (Bonito del Norte) (270g)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a pinch of salt.

Cut the vegetables in four (you can decide whether to peel them or not) . Grill in oven for 1 hour with some olive oil and salt. Serve in a dish (at room temperature or just warm) together with the contents of the tin.


Escalivada: Catalan vegetables and Bonito del Norte: 5 ideas basque tuna anchovies.

Just open the tin and add to these vegetables.



2) Spring vegetables with wild rice and Olasagasti Anchovy fillets

Hands-on time: 5 min. Cooking time: 40 min. Serves: 2

1 onion

1 aubergine

4 artichokes

100 g of wild rice

1 tin of Olasagasti Anchovy fillets in olive oil

Boil the rice and keep warm. Cut the vegetables in halves. Either cook them separately in a frying pan with extra virgin olive oil until they are done or roast them in the oven for 40 min at 200º. Divide the preparation in two bowls and top with the Anchovy fillets just before eating.

Rice, vegetables and anchovies: 5 ideas basque tuna anchovies.

A combination of succulent ingredients for a perfect complete meal.

3) A tipical tapa from San Sebastian: Pintxo Donostiarra

Hands-on time: 10 min. Serves: 5/6

1 jar of guindillas (small green pepper in vinegar)
1 jar of Olasagasti Bonito del Norte (310 g)
1 tin of Olasagasti Anchovy Fillets (125 g)
1 small fresh onion

Join a piece of each ingredient with a toothpick to form the tapa as in the photograph. Prepare at least 2 per person.

Tapa or pintxo Indurain. 5 ideas basque tuna anchovies.

The tipical Fishermen Basque Tapa. «Pintxo donostiarra» prepared by AinaraLo

4) Grilled asparagus with tuna

Hands-on time: 2 min. Cooking time: 6 minutes. Serves:  4

Take the stalks off and clean the asparagus (8 per person). Grill them until they become brown, add a pinch of salt and serve them in a dish together with huge pieces of Olasagasti tuna.

Tuna and asparagus for 5 ideas basque tuna anchovies.

Simple and tasty light dinner.



5) A fresh Tuna Salad

Hands-on time: 6 min. Serves: 2

1 jar of Olasagasti Bonito del Norte (190 g)

1 spring onion

1 big tomato

1/2 green pepper

1 small carrot

1/2 cucumber

A few grains of corn

Mixed lettuce leaves

Extra virgin olive oil, salt and vinegar

Clean the vegetebles, cut them into pieces and put into a bowl. Add the grains of corn, dress and toss, then decorate with big dice of Olasagasti White Tuna (Bonito del Norte).


Tuna salad for 5 ideas basque tuna anchovies. Easy recipe.

A perfect dish for a healthy diet, with fresh ingredients and prepared in just a few minutes.


The cooked vegetables can be prepared the day before and kept cool. Then serve together with some slices of bread from a traditional loaf and a cool glass of wine.

Marta Olass

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