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Tinned white tuna in organic EVOO

Olasagasti white tuna in organic evoo

What is so special about our White Tuna in organic EVOO?
EVOO is Extra Virgin Olive Oil, just in case you got stuck there. For the rest, everything is simple:

  • Traditional and in our Land: with our hands and in our own way, as always.
  • Fished in our Cantábrico Sea using traditional methods.
  • Quality by Heaven.
  • Stratospheric experience.

We want you to taste it.

The white tuna (Bonito del norte) is the same, that is, wild, from the Bay of Biscay and caught one by one.

Conservas Olasagasti en Gustoko con bonito del norte y otras delicias
Olasagasti White tuna (Bonito del Norte) in organic extra virgin olive oil. Chose your option!

Help!! Eco white tuna? Bio, organic, standard?

Don’t panic, the white tuna is the same: Wild, from the Bay of Biscay and caught one by one. The salt we use in all our preserves is organic spring salt. And we make it in the traditional way. The only difference is that we use extra virgin olive oil (organic, moreover) for canning.

Neither better nor worse. Just DIFFERENT. You should find out which is your favourite.

Olasagasti fresh white tuna - Basque bonito del norte
Basque wild white tuna – bonito del norte.

I confess that I have no favourite, and I use one or the other depending on the occasion and the recipe. Sometimes I like the mild flavour of one, and sometimes the intense, characterful flavour of the other.

Go and pick up a can of these at your favourite shop and tell me in which of your dishes our white tuna in organic extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is essential.

Marta Olass

olasagasti tinned white tuna in organic evoo
Simple is best: avocado and Olasagasti white tuna in extra virgin olive oil.

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