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New packaging for Olasagasti special anchovies

New packaging for Olasagasti special Anchovies

You were “demanding” for it and we have done our best. Our new case of special Cantabrian anchovies is now available, yes, the good & the best, the wonderful ones.

Olasagasti special anchovies have a new suit.

If you love artisan anchovies, you will love our new 120g case.

A new, larger, flat case allows a more luxurious display of the large anchovy fillets.

The tin, which is golden, wide and low, contains 12-14 fillets of Cantabrian anchovies in olive oil. The anchovies have been made in a traditional way by hand, and have been let in salt for at least 6 months. We have designed an eye-catching case in two different blue colors, with all the necessary information.

New case for Olasagasti Anchovy filets in olive oil
New 120 g tin for Olasagasti anchovy fillets in olive oil.

The anchovy is presented in beautiful, clean fillets in a single layer, in olive oil, inside the new 120g «Hansa» type gold aluminum can.

This format gives our anchovies a better presentation in a beautiful and attractive blue case, according to the quality of the product.

Olasagasti Anchovy filets in olive oil 120 g
Just open and enjoy them.

We have made it so “cool” that it is also a great gift for “foodies”, gourmets, attentive or loving people. To look great and to surprise in any environment, event or invitation.

Come on! Keep Going.

Olasagasti family.

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