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Olasagasti gift for Father´s Day.

Olasagasti big tins of tuna for the father´s day.

Father’s Day is one of those dates that we like to celebrate. Of course, the best gift on Father’s Day is to be able to be with him. And that is why, in our world of canning, it is special. Sometimes, melancholic.

In our business, men and women share the work in different tasks: Basically, it can be divided between work at sea and work on land. Both are noble, traditional and necessary. The difference is that it is usually the woman who stays behind and, in addition to cleaning, cutting and packaging the fish, mending the nets, keeping the accounts and carrying out health analyses, she also has to take care of the house, the family, the household finances and make up for long absences.

Pesca de bajura del bonito del norte
Men in the middle of inshore fishing for Basque bonito del norte.

When the father is at sea.

Here, the arrantzales fathers (fishermen in Basque) (those who work in inshore or deep-sea fishing) usually start fishing this month and try to make up days to spend on land, trying to celebrate their Day with the family. This is difficult, because the anchovies are already here. And then, during the rest of the year they miss many – almost all – happy dates: birthdays, anniversaries, village festivals.

On 19 March (here, the Father´s Day), they do their best to be with their close relatives and open the presents their children have prepared for them, mainly handicrafts made at school and at home. If they are at sea, and for many of them this is the norm, all these affectionate details await them on their return. And do you know who usually receives the gifts? The aitona -grandfather, in Basque-, who is usually not far away.

The fisherman’s rest. The Guimerans family with teenager Esti, now a worker in Olasagasti.

There are many family moments that, because of their lifestyle, the deep-sea sailor misses out on and are impossible to make up for. The sea takes time away from spending so many moments with their loved ones in order to bring home a living wage.

Hard life.

And now, not so bad, because with technology, family members can talk to them almost daily or send messages and do video calls to each other. Something unthinkable a few years ago, when they were leaving – with no mobile phones in use – there was hardly a sporadic phone call from a distant port or a letter for months.

We all know that the life of a sailor is not easy, but sometimes it is difficult to imagine how hard it is if we do not live with one of them. To the long periods of absence must be added dangerous situations and regular accidents. And it is not simple for their partners and children to live it from afar. Nor is it simple for them to take care of everything at home on their own.

Grandparents at home.

What my colleagues tend to do when their husbands are fishing is to keep the grandparents very much in mind. Some even come to the house to lend a hand during the fishing season. And it is the grandfather who often receives a double ration of gifts for Father’s Day, as we have seen all our lives in fishing villages. Some colleagues tell me that they remember it as daughters, in their childhood days, with a mixture of joy and sadness at the same time.

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Father’s Day gift.

If you are lucky enough to have a father close to you, or a loved one who is a father, these loins of white tuna and yellowfin tuna will be a reason to celebrate and enjoy their company. Because shared gifts taste much better. And if they are handmade with love and craftsmanship (like children’s handicrafts), the gratitude is infinite.

Encajar los trozos de bonito en mi lata favorita de bonito del norte Olasagasti
Working in the factory to make handmade preserves.

We want to accompany you on that day, of course, and that’s why we’ve chosen these jars of white tuna and yellowfin tuna (the favourites of our fishermen friends) to make it easy for you to give him a good surprise.

Best tuna for Father´s Day gifts.
Best tuna for Father´s Day delicious gifts.

Please contact with your distributor or favourite store to get it.

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Make that special person in your life happy, or make yourself happy! Because to give as a gift is happiness, even to yourself. Enjoy presents, enjoy Fathers, enjoy premium delicacies.

Marta Olass.

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