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Olasagasti and Glatz: Merger of two family business

Fusión de las familias Olasagati y Glatz

Today I bring you some great news: The merger between Olasagasti and Glatz families bring to life with the signatures in Bilbao and Genoa last week.

Are you talking to me? What is Glatz?

Jakob Glatz, from Austria, is the president of the Glatz Family Group with more than 100 years of experience in the food sector. Jakob Glatz and Matteo Orlando (CEO of Olasagasti) have known each other for years, they have an excellent relationship and synergies, sustained also for the the similarities between the two families/companies. Both of them love the artisan way of working and their commitment towards the customer and the environment. And also, the true must be said, the two men share some hobbies such as their love for the sea (sailing and surfing) and the mountains.

On this way, the cult brand Sardinas Nuri -one of the most successful brands of the Glatz group- gets new «siblings» in the high-class tuna segment: Our Olasagasti tinned food. With this merger both companies strengthen their positions in important markets such as Spain and Italy and join forces in the globalization of our brands.

Olasagasti and Glatz: Two brands that were born and have grown in the same way, at the same time.

For more than 100 years the Orlando Olasagasti family, as well as Glatz, put an eye in the highest quality and tradition food products. Local handmade and culture have marked the path of both companies.

Jakob Glatz, owner of Glatz Group: «With this merger, two family businesses are coming together. The Orlando family has built a great legacy with the brands Olasagasti and Orlando and will continue to play an important role within the company. The Glatz group will support them with our decades of know-how. With Nuri we have shown that we can strengthen a cult brand even more, and now we are expanding our expertise with even more products»:

Cristina and Matteo Orlando (Olasagasti in Italy and Spain): «The Glatz-Olasagasti union seems to us to be the perfect marriage as both families share the same values, the care and the defense of the quality of the product and our brands. We are delighted with this agreement as well as to start a new stage that will open up new synergies and advantages, which will help us to broaden our horizon».

Olasagasti and Glatz, the merger of two family business
Handover of the keys stage from Marta Mendia (Olasagasti Spain) to Christian Trautenberger (Managing Director of Glatz).

We are an expertise, fresh and enthusiastic team.

«Olasagasti and Orlando are fascinating brands with great heritage and a global fanbase that we can now welcome in our diverse portfolio. Being a sought-after partner in the segment of delicacies and canned food, we are using our expertise and our new synergies to further internationalize our brand activities», Glatz CEO Reinhard Korner said.

“With the acquisition of Dentici in Spain and Olasagasti in Italy, we are taking a further step in our international expansion. By further diversifying our group of companies and expanding our field of activity, we can further expand our future profitability of the Glatz Group». Managing Director Christian Trautenberger.

We can only tell you that we are very happy with this agreement: New opportunities and challenges are coming up. Olasagasti will get better without losing their essence, which is the reason that made Glatz fall in love with us and a strongly committed to. That is why we chose them as traveling companions. We have no doubt that we will be better together.

Merger between Olasagasti and Glatz families.
The signature, and a exciting handshake between Christian and Matteo.
Olasagasti and Glatz companies merger
Cristina Orlando, Olasagasti Italia Administrator, hands over the corporate books to Reinhard Korner, Managing Director of Glatz.

Olasagasti Family

About Olasagasti-Orlando

You already know Orlando Olasagasti family have run tinned factories for more than 130 years. Their first company in Spain was founded in 1920 in Getaria (Basque Country) by Salvatore Orlando, an Italian entrepreneur (pioneer in fishing sector), together with his Basque wife Simona Olasagasti. This fusion of Italian and basque culture (which has been repeated successfully around next generations) results in the perfect combination of fresh sustainable fish of the Cantabrian Sea (Mar Cantábrico) and the Italian centenarian knowhow.

Moreover the classic Bonito del Norte (white tuna), Yellow-tuna and Anchovies, Olasagasti includes also another range of delicacies which have been prepared in the Basque premises (as the Family Recipes #OpenAndRelish, based on fish, garden vegetables and olive oil) or the Italian Sauces prepared in Liguria to dress the best Mediterranean-Cantabrian cuisine.  

About Glatz GmbH Group:

Glatz GmbH is an independent trading company from Vienna, Austria, founded in 1892. With 130 years of experience, it is the leading partner for all requirements of national and international trade as well as the processing industry. The private traditional company is already owned by the fourth generation of the Glatz family.

Its business activities focus on the international trade of agricultural commodities and their logistics on the one hand, and on the import and distribu;on of foodstuffs (especially canned fish, fruit and vegetables, rice, nuts and dried fruit) on the other hand. In addition to distributing its own brands such as Nuri, Excelsior, Farmer’s Country and Marilussy’s, Glatz GmbH is the general distribution partner in Austria for well-known and popular brands such as Delamaris. Glatz GmbH also distributes some brands in the confectionery sector such as Guylian and operates two produc;on sites for canned fish through its subsidiaries in Portugal and Spain.

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