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Olasagasti pickled vegetables recipe (with white tuna fillets).


The Basque white tuna season is over, so now you can enjoy it throughout the year buying quality canned fish to prepare your favourite recipes.


Olasagasti White Tuna in brine (in escabeche)

One of our posts was about mushrooms, loved by so many people and really easy to find. Our Olasagasti white tuna matches perfectly with that traditional tapa we prepared then.

Here is a different and delicious recipe including some vegetables and vinegar. If you are not keen on the strong taste of vinegar, don´t worry for the result is ever so mild and it gives the dish an original touch.


Pickled vegetables with Olasagasti White Tuna fillets

Ingredients (4 servings):

1 big carrot

1 big spring onion

1 big green pepper

Some Olasagasti White tuna fillets from a big tin (820g) in this case. But you can use any of our tins and jars.

Vinegar, olive oil, pepper, laurel, paprika and salt.



Cut the vegetables in sticks and place in a frying pan with a drop of olive oil, two garlic cloves and a laurel leaf. Leave to cook slowly, sprinkle some salt and pepper over the preparation, and then the paprika (sweet pepper). When the vegetables are soft (but not fried) add one glass of vinegar.





some paprika



… and vinegar



Beautiful side dish. Pickled vegetables recipe.

If you prepare the pickled vegetables the previous day, it will be tastier and your meal will be ready in 60 seconds!

Serve this dish in four bowls and top with the tuna fillets:


Olasagasti help to look after your health in a tasty way!

Marta Olass

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