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Olasagasti free surfing with the Agote brothers.


A good piece of news: Olasagasti have renewed their contract with Borja Agote in his freesurfing adventure.

Borja has decided to retire from competition, from the stressing world of the international circuit. Now he is devoted to his passion, searching for the best waves in the world located in the remotest places –often secret spots-, aiming to surf them, while at the same time, getting to know about the culture of the locals.


His brother Iñigo is taking part into this adventure as a filmmaker who edits the videos and photographs, supporting Borja personally just like any elder brother would love to.

«Free surf» involves surfing but not competing, going back to the roots… You look for the best waves by means of the latest technology and need to be ready to leave at short notice wherever the waves happen to call you.

To be able to carry this out, money is the number one condition and, of course, you have to be crazy about surfing. Borja and Iñigo are living a dream and their lives revolve around freesurfing.


Belong to the sea. Agote&Olasagasti from OLASAGASTI on Vimeo.

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