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Olasagasti Award to the actress Loreto Mauleón

Olasagasti award to the actress Loreto Mauleon

We were moved to present the Olasagasti Award to the actress Loreto Mauleón, an interpreter we love after having seen her grow since her participation as a child in the series Goenkale.

Films and series on TVE, Netflix, or HBO endorse her great acting work, perhaps her huge role in Patria (HBO), based on the book by Fernando Aramburu, being her definitive springboard.

Although she was born in Burgos, she grew up and trained in Donostia. That is why she is considered a Basque actress and why the Ulialde Society, with which Conservas Olasagasti has been collaborating for years in the Ramón Labayen Award at the San Sebastian International Film Festival, presented her with the award last Friday.

The Olasagasti Award to the actress Loreto Mauleón.

Loreto, very friendly, attentive, approachable, and grateful, promised to enjoy our preserves to the fullest in Madrid, where she now lives.

I am delighted to take the Olasagasti box home to Madrid. A bit of my Cantábrico Sea. Yum!

the actress Loreto Mauleón.

Sergio Rojo, president of Ulialde, together with the mayor of Donostia-San Sebastián, Eneko Goia, were in charge of presenting her with the Joyas del Cantábrico box for her career and all that she still is going to live and make us enjoy -or suffer, depending on the role 😉

Thanks once again to Ulialde for supporting Basque cinema and for creating such an endearing and fun event.

Thanks to Zinemaldia for betting on QUALITY PRODUCT, not only Cinema 🙂

Thank you Loreto Mauleón for your presence on and off the screen. We’ll keep an eye on you from our seats, good luck with the next projects!

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