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We are half way through autumn and the Bonito del Norte campaign is way back. Here on the Cantabrian coast the weather is exceptionally cold for us and the water temperature has lowered dramatically.


The impressive rough Cantabrian sea. Photo by Asier Larraza.

The Bonito del Norte, together with the Bluefin, is the most appreciated tuna in Spain and it is slowly invading more territories worldwide.

The quality of its flesh, its flavour and texture turn the White Tuna into an exquisite delicatessen. On the other hand, this species is sustainable thanks to our traditional fishing methods which respect our environment.

Between the months of June and September, the Bay of Biscay receives the migration of the White Tuna (and of the Bluefin Tuna) which comes to breed in our waters. That is the reason why it is so popular and we have got lots of recipes and ways to prepare it in the Basque Country.


Healthy (and gluten free) quality Mixed Salad for all the family.


Stew vegetables with Olasagasti tuna


Grilled white tuna.


Very popular Basque pintxo (tapa): white tuna, chilli, onion and anchovy

The best Bonito del Norte was canned by mid-October and we will soon commercialize it so as to store this delicacy for the whole year in our homes since it will keep all its organoleptic properties. Read more about it here.

The fishing is carried out following traditional methods: the fish is caught one by one in the Cantabrian Sea, always respecting the Quota set by the European Community.

Conservas Dentici-Olasagasti receive the catch from the nearby harbours and process it still fresh “en fresco”, by hand, in a totally artisan way.


The recent catch is unloaded at a Basque harbour


We process the fresh fish on the same day.


Qualified staff process the recent caught fish.

We belong to the Association of Traditional Canners of the Basque Coast. Our label praises the defense and promotion of a different authentic product: high quality Bay of Biscay Canned Tuna guaranteeing the origin of the fish and the manufacturing processes, 100% from the Basque Country. Amazing! And when you taste it, you do make the difference. See more about it.


Seal of Quality for the Basque Country White Tuna (Bonito del Norte)

The seal of quality was created to differentiate our White Tuna (which is caught selectively in our Cantabrian sea and processed following traditional methods) from other tunas from elsewhere and therefore processed after being frozen, sometimes in countries where labour cost is cheaper. Unfortunately, these other products have similar labels which may be misleading for some customers.


A range of our products in glass jars. (Al them are glutenfree)

Now that you know the meaning of our Seal of Quality, you can choose accordingly. It is a must to be well informed, especially when you are looking for quality: don´t let yourself be cheated.

Marta Olass



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