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Cantabrian Anchovy IV: It is ready!!



We have already opened the ten-kilo tins of salted anchovy processed last spring. Shortly after the catch they were cleaned, prepared, left for maturation under a pressing cover for 5 months.



The big stone blocks used for pressing



As it was expected, in the last control and change of brine before sealing the tins, the anchovy is splendid and has reached an optimum level of maturity.

Isidro, the person in charge of production, opened four tins of anchovies of different sizes. We could appreciate its flesh, the delicate texture, aroma and colour as well as its healthy glow. I am dying to taste one!




These are the opened tins to be tested. On the right handside the block is divided in two halves to check the maturity of the product in the middle layers. Then, the anchovies are placed back into the tins and they will be definitely sealed after a last change of brine. You can see all the previous process in English here

… And how I clean them at home:

How to rinse and prepare anchovies in brine / Cómo limpiar anchoa en salazón en casa y preaprar filetes. from OLASAGASTI on Vimeo.

Now, after reading the four chapters about the origin and process of our Cantabrian Anchovy and after watching the video, you know that there are different classes of anchovy as well as different ways to prepare it. Therefore you will be able to choose and ask for quality when you purchase it.

Ready to eat Cantabrian Anchovies in brine after rinsing them at home.
Anchovies can combine with all types of vegetables.
An example of pizza with our anchovy fillets (by AinaraLo)
The typical Ligurian focaccia with mozzarella, tomato and anchovies in brine.
Really easy! A slice of toasted bread topped with cottage cheese, anchovies, tomato and a drop of olive oil
Among the countless salads, this one is with potato, hard boiled eggs and our whitetuna&anchovies

More photo ideas with Cantabrian Anchovy, here.

I receive our customers´ inquiries and above all some pictures of your dishes which include our anchovies: This makes me feel really happy. Your are welcome to do the same because it will be a pleasure for me to answer all questions and to see your recipes!

See you soon 🙂

Marta Olass 

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