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8 are coming to dinner (at short notice)

Help! They are coming… and no time for complex recipes.

Some days you meet friends and end up inviting them to dinner at your place. You use your own imagination, improvising with the stuff you have around. This is a good reason why we should always have a good stock of quality food.

Here are as follows some tasty and easy-to-prepare tapas: We opened our fridge and found one aubergine, some mozzarella di buffala, tomatoes, eggs, olives, oregano, peppers and one container with vegetable balls I had forgotten about a few days before.

Select your favourite vegetables

As I always count on the best “Delicias del Mar Cantábrico” (Catabrian Sea Delicacies) in my cupboard, the fusion of all these ingredients made up the most delicious tapas. It was an entertaining moment with my friend Lorenzo as we enjoyed making new combinations.

Dan brought the wine, Alessandro the bread and Clare the dessert. Our friends were sipping their first glass of wine while we were preparing the tuna omelette…

This is the perfect example of a casual getting together where everybody lends a hand and enjoys cooking and tasting different portions:

Enjoy your meal! Olasagasti, always with you!
Marta Olass

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