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10 reasons to enjoy quality canned fish


Our 10 reasons to enjoy quality canned fish:

1.- Because it is tasty, pleases all ages and is ever so easy to prepare. Just open one tin, empty the contents into a plate, add some tomato slices and a piece of bread: the result is an exquisite delicacy you can prepare even if you have no idea about cooking.



Bread, mozzarela & Olasagasti Anchovy fillets.



Sophisticated dishes or simple tapas: it is a versatile product for all seasons



All the family love Olasagasti products and children can help making easy recipes.


2.- Because it is a healthy product, agrees with the Mediterranean Diet, and if you don´t mix it with any calorific ingredient, its energetic content is balanced. You can have it several times a week and it is an easy way for most of us to eat fish. When canned, this fish keeps all its nutritional values.



Olive oil, grain, vegetables and Blue Fish are vital in a healthy Mediterranean diet.



And practising sport is essential for a healthy life too.


3.- Because it is locally produced: The fish is caught in our waters, still fresh when it reaches our ports and processed there and then by qualified employees in our factory. This means that our canned products are kilometre Zero: we know from the very beginning where it comes from and all about its traceability. As soon as it is canned, this local product can be shipped all over the world.



Basque Country white tuna, caught one by one with artisanal methods.


4.- Because the processing follows the same artisan method as a hundred years ago. Therefore, our canned fish tastes like a homemade dish.




5.- Because blue fish contains the main natural source of OMEGA 3 which is beneficial for the cardiovascular system. Besides, blue fish provides high amounts of biological proteins and the level of carbohydrates is hardly noticeable.

6.- Because of its high contents of vitamins B and D. Vitamin D is vital for our health, however we hardly find it in any product. Besides an intake of vitamin pills can never substitute the natural vitamin D from bluefish.

7.- Because it provides Iron, Zing and Iodine. Iron for the cognitive function and to lower tiredness. Zing for fertility, as well as to metabolize fatty acids and carbohydrates. It keeps our nails, skin, hair and bones in good condition. Finally, Iodine helps to produce thyroid hormones, helps the nervous system and keeps our skin in perfect state.

8.- Because our products can easily be stored in our larder, garage or in any fresh room (fridge, in case of anchovies). And thanks to their original packaging they liven the place up.



Calidad en Lata



Calidad en Tarro


9.- Because you can store our products for up to 3-6 years (depending on the species), you can purchase important amounts at one time, following the storage advice explained before.



Photo by Zoe Marechal. Smurfs collection.





10.- Because the recipes with blue fish are countless. They are also included in the preparation of various snacks and, of course, in Spanish tapas since our products are part of our culture.



Olasagasti promotes a balanced and rich diet.



Many succulent pasta recipes with Olasagsti products.



Delicious tapas (pintxos) wiht Olasagasti delicacies.


For any further information don´t hesitate to contact the factory here.

Olasagasti takes care of you.

Marta Olass


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